Read what some of our clients have to say about Kathy.

Jonathan M.

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy for a number of years and found her to be a driven professional with a thorough understanding of the markets she represents. She is accessible and responsive, providing invaluable insight. I highly recommend Kathy for her sales and marketing expertise.

Stephen K.

Having worked with Kathy both on new development initiatives at the Real Estate Board of New York and consulting with her on various developments in New York City I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone looking for a detail-oriented, forward-thinking professional to assist them in taking their real estate business to the next level. Kathy is a marketing and sales expert who can see 3 steps ahead and works tirelessly to position her product above the competition. Kathy's knowledge of the sales and marketing process second to none and is always willing to share her experience with others.

Jennifer D.

Kathy is a fantastic broker, who I cannot recommend highly enough. She is unbelievably hard-working. We first spent a great deal of time discussing what I was looking for, after which she sent me numerous listings that exactly fit with my criteria and gave me invaluable advice throughout my search about things to look for and what would be valuable over time. She is incredibly responsive and helpful and has gone out of her way so many times to make sure I found my ideal apartment and the approval process (and even decorating) went as smoothly as possible.

Valerie G.

I met Kathy before my family moved into the Harrison, a Related property on the Upper West Side in New York City. She went out of her way to welcome our family, give advice about being new home owners in a new, luxury building, and helped us to swiftly navigate the move-in process. She is a class act and led us to feel fortunate about being a part of her company and their development. She has since become a friend of ours and someone we trust. Kathy has gone above and beyond in creating a relationship with my husband, me and our two little girls.

Dawn D.

Kathy is very conscientious and eager to assist in all areas of the business. While at Related, she assumed a leadership role in the management of all sales data to ensure accurate data input and data management for all of the digital marketing assets and analytical reporting.

Work With Kathy

Kathy Kaye enjoys a highly accomplished, well-rounded proven track record of notable property sales and new development. She has managed full life-cycle sales and marketing for over $5 billion in inventory and represented both buyers and sellers in significant resales.